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A new residential complex in Bucha

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Remained the last apartments in our residential complex Versal Park! Hurry up!

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Linevich Group


Aesthetics of housing space

Property from the developer Linevich Group is the most competent choice of a modern person. If you still think where to buy an apartment in Bucha or Irpen, then the company's property units are exactly what you need.

The various-height buildings proposed by specialists are considered to be the ideal option for life today. Due to the thoughtful design solutions, maximum insolation is provided and the courtyard is filled with sunlight. This creates comfort, coziness and a wonderful mood, so necessary in modern living conditions.

Rare new buildings of Irpen and houses in Bucha can boast of such comfortable conditions. Compliance with architectural, aesthetic and legislative factors in the course of construction allows to create a unique project that perfectly fits into the urban environment.

A competent concept and a well-calculated location of new buildings in Bucha and Irpen make it possible to create the ideal housing at the most affordable cost. Linevich Group takes care of all its customers, so we offer to buy a finished apartment in a new building in Irpen in the best complex. A strict observance of building codes, the use of exceptionally high-quality materials and proven technologies guarantee not only comfort and aesthetic pleasure from life, but also the reliability, safety and durability of the building.

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Through the eyes of residents


Company video

To buy a finished apartment in a new building in Irpen or high-end housing in Bucha is a natural desire of every person who aspires to comfort and improve the standard of living. Do you want to choose and purchase the right accommodation and to learn everything about the future house? Then our videos are exactly what you need. After all, it is the video of construction projects that will answer all your questions and give complete information about the property.

Control everything yourself and be calm. Observe residential complexes and future apartments yourself, delve into all the features of the construction process and evaluate the planned final result. Video from Linevich Group is a real chance to learn everything about the complex itself and the local area and, of course, the peculiarities of the apartments. Real estate from the developer is a real way to improve life, and the opportunity to evaluate projects on video, penetrating into all the subtleties and nuances allows you to be 100% sure of the correctness of the choice.

Are you going to buy an apartment from the developer? Do it competently and consciously. And Linevich Group will help you in this in every way.

Linevich Group
A modern fortress for everyone

A modern fortress for everyone

Is your own comfortable housing what you have been dreaming of for a long time? We are ready to make the dreams come true, to satisfy and even to surpass expectations. Apartments from the developer Linevich Group is your step into a new, cozy, warm and comfortable future. New buildings in Irpen are already waiting for their owners. The most reliable and experienced developer offers to buy an apartment in Bucha that meets all modern standards.

Real estate from the developer is an ideal option for all applicants. Only new housing will allow you to feel the benefits of a comfortable, safe and relaxed life for 100%. We take into account the modern realities of life, therefore everything you need for convenience and coziness are offered by apartments from the developer in Bucha and Irpin.

Become one step closer to your dream. Take care of yourself and your loved ones by choosing the ideal, the most suitable option for you. A huge variety of offers of apartments from the developer in Irpin and Bucha guarantee the possibility of choice to all customers. Moreover, reliability, time verification and only positive feedback from customers guarantee an excellent result.

After all, happiness is what's nearby: a reliable, comfortable and fully thought-out house in which life is filled with only positive emotions. A new buildings in Irpen and Bucha apartments from the developer Linevich Group, really change the quality of life.